Happy Clients

Becky challenges me to explore my own feelings, behaviors, and thought-habits in order to see the ways I unconsciously limit myself.
— Glenda

Becky coaches in a thoughtful, steady way, offering clients a safe and solid place to deeply learn. She appears unruffled by the challenges clients bring. Beneath her calm, she gives the rare gift of a warm, affirming presence. As her client, you will feel she is in the trenches with you, cheering you on with her whole heart.

— Ann

Becky has a gift for coaching.  During each coaching session she challenges me with her thoughtful questions – opening doors of thought that I had not considered walking through.  She has a lovely ability to help guide me in this process of exploration and lead me to a place of crafting solutions and next steps I could not have reached on my own, yet I’m the one doing the hard work!  I leave each session with a sense of clarity and excitement.

— Meryl

Coaching with Becky has been incredibly valuable for me. She’s a compassionate coach who has helped me reflect on what’s important to me and how I can make my ideal life my real life. She offers actionable next steps and helps to hold me accountable to taking these steps.  Making a big life change is hard for me, and she helps me break it down to smaller, manageable pieces.

— Penelope


Becky has the rare ability to coach with both gentleness and real engagement. Her keen intuition and deep listening skills have enabled me to make real progress on pressing challenges that have plagued me for years, and her patience has prodded me to meaningful insights and new perspectives.

— Leah

Becky has been coaching me for several months now, during what has been a somewhat tumultuous period. I've changed jobs and industries multiple times in the last five years, and have felt genuinely adrift in my career. She's helped me reconnect with my passion and with the meaning I want to find in my work. Rather than simply giving advice, Becky challenges me to explore my own feelings, behaviors, and thought-habits in order to see the ways I unconsciously limit myself. She is insightful but not preachy, honest but not critical. My sessions with Becky have been invaluable and I would encourage anyone, regardless of current career needs, to take advantage of her coaching!

— Glenda

Working with  Becky has helped me find answers within.  She does not preach, or have an attitude of “I know all the  answers”.  She listens to me and asks insightful questions that help me search my soul and find the answers within my heart.  In doing this, she helps me strengthen my confidence!  She listens without any judgments.  I have coached in person and on the phone.  Both ways have been equally beneficial for me.

— Marcia


It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it.  And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

Eleanor Roosevelt, American Hero