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You've got questions about how we can work together to increase your wellness.  Let's see if I have the answers.

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How does coaching work?

Coaching is based on the principal that you have within you all the tools you need to make progress on your life's goals.  You are creative, resourceful, and whole.  Through a series of conversations, we'll discover what you'd like to work on and determine how to make progress on that challenge or opportunity.  Each session can be on a different topic, or we can dive in and work hard on one thing for multiple sessions.  It's entirely up to you.

How long is a typical coaching relationship?

My standard coaching contract begins at three months, but I've been coaching many of my clients for considerably longer.  In the end, it's your call--if you are facing challenges that would benefit from coaching, we'll work together on those challenges until you see progress.

What services do you offer other than coaching?

Beyond coaching, I want you to join my community of people who are seeking a happier, healthier version of themselves.  I'll be sending out a monthly newsletter, with stories, tips, and ideas that can help us all on the journey.  Sign up now, and join our community!

Can I try coaching before committing?

Absolutely.  I offer a free introductory session for every new client.  We'll have a conversation about the challenges you're facing, the results you'd like to see, and how we can work together.  We'll also go over the parameters of coaching, and give you a sampling of how our coaching relationship might progress.  

What kinds of Topics can I be coached on?

Clients bring all sorts of challenges to the coaching relationship.  If you'd like to work on your health, we can coach on that.  If you want to work on your personal or work relationships, we can coach on that.  I'm trained in fields as diverse as Leadership Coaching, Wellness Coaching, and Dissertation Coaching, but our quest for your happiness can be limitless!

BUt I don't live anywhere near you.

Not a problem!  Coaching can be done in person, but that's not a requirement at all.  We can coach via teleconference or phone call just as easily as an in-person meeting.  Distance really isn't an obstacle to our working together.


Are our conversations confidential?

Absolutely.  As a coach certified by the International Coach Federation, I have agreed to uphold a strict code of ethics, which includes maintaining your privacy.  You can enter into a coaching relationship with me in confidence.  

Are there options other than individual coaching sessions?

Yes, there are!  If you're part of an organization (business, nonprofit) where multiple people could benefit from coaching, we can discuss a package for you and your colleagues.  

Or perhaps you'd like to try coaching in a group setting.  I'll organize small groups (4-8 people) who are working on similar challenges and you can work together to make progress.

A typical coaching relationship begins with a 3-month commitment.  This package is for 2 sessions per month of approximately 1 hour each, and limited emails and texts between those sessions.  Pricing for individual, group or organizational coaching is available upon request.  


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