Get ready to take control of your self.


Do you see yourself in these words?

  • You aren't entirely sure when you last got a good night's sleep.

  • You can't recall the last time you woke up without some feeling of worry or dread.

  • There is time in your life for everyone but yourself.

  • You have lost track of the number of programs you've tried to lose weight.

  • You know there has to be more: more contentment, more wellness. More You.

Sound familiar?  Are you ready to do something about it?

Our Quest

Who doesn't love a quest?  Whether it's for the perfect watermelon, a great new book to read, or your next vacation spot, the journey can be just as wonderful as the destination.  Let's go on a quest together to improve your sense of wellness.  To me, wellness is the sweet spot between body, mind, and soul.    We can pursue what might be in your way of your wellness, and get you on the path that will lead you to your best self.

What Comes Next?

What can You Do?

Knowledge is power, my friend, and I'm going to share that power with you.  I've brought together 7 of my favorite ways to improve your mood fast, and I'm giving them to you.  Sometimes you just don't have time to feel blah or unmotivated.  You need to get back on track as soon as you can.  Try some of these 7 Proven Ways to Feel Better Right Now for a quick boost to your system!

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There is no shortage of information out there on health, wellness, stress management, and self-care.  But what can you believe, and who has time to wade through all of it anyway?  Let me do the digging for you, and provide news, ideas, and handy tips that are timely and relevant.  Sign up here to get new tips delivered right to your email box, or click below to see prior issues.  I'll do the work; you do the growing.  

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My Practice

My name is Becky Eason, and I'm a Wellness Coach. I'm Certified at the ACC level through the International Coach Foundation. What matters to YOU, though, is that I care passionately about helping you live your best life. Click here to learn more.


“I can hardly wait for tomorrow, it means a new life for me each and every day."

— Stanley  Kunitz, poet


I really can help

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